I’ve been editing for ten years now, across all romance genres and heat levels. I started with one now-defunct epublisher, then with Liquid Silver Books and after them, with Taliesin Press (now called Hartwood Publishing). I’ve been freelancing for the last two years. I’ve been part of a very active critique group for ten years as well. I am happy to provide references, if you would like them.

How I work:
What I usually do is ask for a 5-10 page sample, and I go through those pages so you can see if my editing style works for you before sending me an entire manuscript. If you like what I do, then I ask for 50% payment in advance and 50% on completion, preferably via Paypal. I charge $0.006/word ( which is $1.50/page, assuming a 250-word page.) That’s for a 2-week turnaround. If you need a 3-day turnaround, it’s $2/page.
Once I turn over edits, I am open to conversation via messenger, email, or even telephone if you want or need to go over things. I’ve found those conversations can often be even more rewarding than the edits themselves, and so I like to make sure authors know about it ahead of time, and that it is not a ‘bother’. (I tend to repeat this a few times, because it’s important to me.)
I am also pro serial comma, which I’ve found can be a very serious issue for some people.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask — there’s a handy contact form right here:

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